For local service businesses, getting your name out there is everything. JumpHawk gives you the power to connect with the customers the moment they are seeking your services. Our powerful, lead-generating website, a HawkSite, can make any service-oriented businesses the local authority in their field. Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, roofer or contractor, a HawkSite is the perfect tool to get you more customers so you can build your business.

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Google and Bing rank the most authoritative website #1. As a result of over 20,000 hours of development time, we have created a proprietary technology that makes it possible to build the most authoritative website, a HawkSite, that ranks higher and gets your business on the top of the search page. A HawkSite makes it not only possible, but affordable for small businesses to obtain this coveted location. A HawkSite will launch your name to top of the results when your service is locally searched online, making you the authority in your field. Simply put, our technology will bring more traffic to your site, more calls to your phone and more customers to keep your business growing.

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The complex algorithms we created make it possible for you to be easily found in online searches and take the lead in your industry on a local level. A HawkSite is not just a “website,” it is a permanent marketing weapon that’s promoting your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week, giving your business exposure that nothing else can. Our unique, proprietary technology focuses on three critical components that work together to boost your ranking, making you become the local authority in your field.

Site Architecture

Site architecture requires a clean, structured file and folder system with precise organization of content.

Content Relevancy

Content must be authoritative, unique and written in a hierarchical manner. In addition it is critical for content to be precisely placed within your site architecture to maximize effectiveness.

Internal Link Structure

Internal Link Structure delivers relevancy from one page to another and must be engineered in a meticulous and exacting manner.

In order to be the authority and rank, your website needs to be built as precisely as a three-legged stool. We use this analogy to help you visualize two critical things. First, the stool is missing one leg, it will fall over at the slightest touch. Second, all three legs needs to be built in concert with each other and the top of the stool, or the stool will fall over. Like the stool, your website has a critical relationship with the site architecture, content relevancy and internal link structure. If even one of these items is built marginally wrong, your website will leak authority and lose ranking.

Built with the perfect balance of site architecture, internal link structure and content relevancy, A HawkSite will rank higher – making you the online authority in your field.

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We want our customers to be happy and most of all, to get more business. We guarantee that your HawkSite will rank on the first page of Google’s Organic Search Results.

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